"Serving the community with slow breads, gluten-less, nutrient dense and traditionally baked"

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Wake up every morning to Freshly Milled Whole Grain Sourdough Bread!

What you get...

Once a week on Thursday bread is delivered to a local retailer in Wimberley Square where you will pick up between the hours of 3 - 6pm.  The address is disclosed in a confirmation email upon payment received.  Breads not picked up are available the following day between 12-6pm. 

Each week you will receive craft blends of fresh milled grains such as Rouge de Bordeaux, Marquis, Kamut, Emmer, Sonora, Rye, Einkorn, Turkey Red and other ancient and heirloom grains that have become available by our local millers.  The weekly loaves will range in ratios of 100% whole grains somewhat denser but highly flavorful and nutritious to lighter blends (a more porous open crumb) using a portion of organic malted bread flour.  The flexibility of being free to create new and creative blends of ingredients in different ratios and techniques lend to the increasing passion inherent in bread baking.  I hope you will appreciate the differences each week and kindly offer feedback to guide in maintaining the integrity of each subsequent bake.  

This Week's Bread....May 30th

 Available this week to subscribers is a miche (large and less dome) consisting of a blend of 30% Einkorn, 10% Danko Rye and Organic Central Milling craft bread flour. 

From German, meaning literally “single grain,” Einkorn wheat was one of the first plants to be domesticated and cultivated in what we believe to be the Fertile Crescent. It has a higher percentage of protein than modern red wheats and is considered more nutritious because it also has higher levels of fat and other essential vitamins.

Those with gluten sensitivities will find this wheat to be tolerating in the gut in addition to having a long fermentation breaking down the phytic acids.

This is another bread you can feature at the center of the table and "break" into it as its passed around.  Enjoy it with everything.

To your health!

Wimberley Sourdough

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Note:  Subscriptions may be paused by contacting Debra with one or more week's notice

My beloved Paulana was designed and built by Brian Ash of Ash Masonry Masterworks in 2016.   Brian's exceptional knowledge and detail to building, restoring and preserving great works of ​architectural and historical significance in Central Texas and beyond has made him a coveted artist to call upon.   Visit his gallery here to view his old world style of art "for the ages".

Brian may be contacted to consult with on your own masonry oven, fireplace and other projects.

The 6 X 4 rectangular hearth takes up to 12 hours to build up heat from directly firing its chamber with dried fallen branches collected from surrounding sources and removing the ashes before baking.  The heat is retained in the thick masonry walls and is held for several bakes before beginning to cool.  Many subsequent bakes can be scheduled which require lower heat such as enriched breads, crackers, dinner meals and towards the end, drying herbs and spices. 

How to Store Your Bread

While bread should never be refrigerated, it freezes well.  If you are unable to consume the loaf within a week, slice or portion it and wrap in freezer bags or in parchment and foil. 

There are a number of designer linen bread bags available sample here which will keep our loaf moist at room temperature; double wrapping in parchment paper also helps.  I suggest searching for a lovely heavy linen cloth you may own or find for preventing direct air drafts.  Wooden bread boxes or antique finds will also do the job nicely. 

Incidentally, while visiting friends in France, the large miche was left uncovered on the counter for days until consumed.  Bottom line?  It's your bread.

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